• Neighbor Nick LLC

    Residential & Commercial Services

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    Handyman Services

    We provide reliable, quality handywork on a wide range of issues around the home.

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    Certified SLEEKFENCE Contractor


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    Home Infrared Scans

    We find issues in your home the other guys can't see! Find it, fix it and verify it with our favorite service!

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    Shipping Containers

    We're your go-to for shipping container installs & customization


    We Help Flip & Sell

    See how we created so much value in this home that the owner decided to sell rather than rent.

  • We're Fully Insured With Liberty Mutual

    Residential Services


    Our biggest clients are dog owners looking to create a space to let the dog(s) go outside safely. Other clients include property management firms and homeowners erecting privacy fences, chain link fences, and custom solutions for uneven spaces.

    Deck Refreshes

    We specialize in giving that weathered deck a second lease on life. From powerwashing, sanding and double-coating every deck any color, to basic repairs like replacing boards, we're always eager to work projects like these.

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    Everybody needs them maintained over time, because when they are not working properly, water leaks and associated damage, especially to basements and patios/decks, can result. We do the basic maintenance to keep those gutters flowing properly.

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    We take select jobs and our number one client request is whitewashing the ceiling, which brings an incredible amount of new, brilliant light, bringing the room back to life.

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    Concrete & Brickwork

    We fill concrete cracks, repair concrete steps, seal concrete for the winter and as you can see here, can take care of loose brick that can be a major liability.


    Chimneys, porches (caps and steps, brick and concrete), walls, driveways... there's nothing our team can't handle masonry!

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    Porches & Railings

    We do full tearouts of existing wood and concrete steps and replace them with beautiful, custom designs your Neighbors are sure to love!

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    Bathroom Refreshes

    We usually shy away from complete bathroom remodels- those are best left to large contractors. At Neighbor Nick, we specialize in the refresh- new smart speaker/LED fan, paint the ceilings, walls and trim, lightly regrout, some new sconces, new towel rack and toilet paper holder, new door handles, recaulk everywhere and a new faucet. Just what you need when you're not looking to spend $10,000!

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    Odds & Ends - Installations & Repairs

    Most of our clients have a list of items they'd like addressed at once, and we provide an always-free itemized quote.

  • Shipping Containers



    Client Reaction

    Project Pic Collage

    Shows what it took to have a successful project!


    Here we talk you through the project

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    Residential & Commercial

    We'll help you expand your spaces

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    Custom Work

    Let us help make your shipping container your own

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    We'll help you make your space elegant & peaceful

  • Neighbor Nick LLC is a Trained Contractor for:


    "A modern fence you'll never have to replace"


    Our client's reaction to the completion of this large project.

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    The highly engineered design provides flexibility for any terrain and various heights.

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    Satin Black Aluminum

    No maintanence, doesn't rot or warp, easy to clean and impervious to weather.


    The powder-coated finish lasts a lifetime.

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    Residential & Commercial

    Suitable to bring a distinct, modern style to any enviornment.

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    Trusted Professionals

    Neighbor Nick LLC is Michigan's only SLEEKFENCE Trained Contractor.

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  • Infrared Services


    Find hidden problems

    Fix 'em



    Buying or selling a home?


    If you're the buyer, of course you'd want to have us out before you sign- who wants to move into a brand new home full of insulation and mold issues?


    If you're the seller, have us out, find, fix and verify any issue, and then present the buyer with a before & after *Fix Verification Infrared Report*

    that puts you in a better negotiating position.

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    Moisture & Mold Detection

    As you can see, what's apparent from the peeling paint wasn't half the story! This home is in need of insulation and roof repairs before the problem gets worse!

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    Don't let the cold in or the AC out! A quick check and easy fix that Neighbor Nick can do on the spot!

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    Window leaks are a common and easily addressable household issue. Let us find, fix and verify that you aren't wasting energy and being too hot or cold!

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    And many more!

    Infrared/Thermal cams are incredibly powerful machines that can quickly diagnose many issues in homes and offices, boats, cars and machinery - anything that gives off heat!

  • Smart Security Cam Installation

    We're a Ring™ Certified Installer


    We Install Any Consumer Smart Security Camera


    #1 = Video Doorbells

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    Video Doorbells

    Our #1 seller! Both wired and wireless installations onto even difficult surfaces such as brick are no problem!

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    Smart Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Alarms

    They could save your family's life!

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    App Setup Included

    We always make sure the apps work on your phones, tablets and computers before we leave and provide support as you grow your system.

  • Testimonials

    What Our Clients Have To Say

    Kenneth, Ferndale, MI

    "We recently got recommendations from an online neighborhood forum for someone to repair our porch. Had a couple of them come out for estimates but we stopped after we talked to Neighbor Nick LLC. Nick was the most professional, and we liked him right away. He promptly delivered an easy to understand estimate that was very fair considering the current building materials market. We signed off on it, and the next morning his roof guy was replacing soffit tiles that had blown off my roof. They were well secured. Two days after that, Nick had everything ready to start the job. He ended up replacing my porch deck and reinforcing its supports. Nick also shored up some of the woodwork on our porch columns. He worked every day until it was finished on June 27, 2022. The building materials he selected, as well as the craftsmanship of the build, are of the highest quality. He cleaned the work area up nicely upon completion. The entire operation ran smoothly, just like one would expect to experience from a professional contractor, yet that experience seems so elusive these days. We got it with Neighbor Nick LLC. We think this looks much classier than the concrete steps and worn deck we replaced. Can't wait to paint and get a new welcome mat! We recommend Neighbor Nick LLC for your next home improvement project, and we'll likely be using him again in the future."

    Joan, Clawson, MI

    "My husband and I are about to be first time parents living in our first house together in Clawson. We were thrilled when Nick said he'd be able to finish our backyard fence so that the yard was completely fenced in for our growing family. The price estimate he gave was fair and he got started right away. Through rain and shine Nick and his team worked to get the fencing perfectly aligned with our existing fencing and make our backyard complete. They even figured out the best way to install the fence on the small incline we have in our backyard. They worked thoughtfully and the end result is tremendous. Our yard is fully closed in, safe, and we're so happy with how nice everything looks. Nick took one huge project off our pre-baby to do list as well as a few other things around the house and we're so grateful we found him. I'd recommend Nick to anyone for your fencing or just general handyman needs."

    Ray, Pleasant Ridge, MI

    "When our wooden deck reached 20 years of age, it was showing some serious signs of disrepair. It had developed gaps in the wood, some water damage, and an unstable railing. My wife and I wondered if we would need to replace it, but first contacted a few companies to come out and discuss repairs. Neighbor-Nick was not the first to come out, but his ideas for tackling the project made sense and were cost effective, proposing utilizing Durham’s puddy to fix the damaged boards instead of going through the cost of replacing them. So we went with Nick, and he got to work making the repairs the very next day. I was impressed with his ability to think out solutions, such as his method to firm up the railing. He finished up with two coats of Deck Correct polycarbonate stain in the color of our choice. The deck looked great! We paid Nick, but he told us to let him know if we spotted any issues. We found a few nits, and true to his word, Nick returned to take care of everything. We are enjoying the summer on our refreshed deck, and I do not hesitate in recommending Nick for any project."

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